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 Hi, we’re a visual comunication studio based in Barcelona.

Our cooking interests and skills were pretty similar, oscillating between graphic design and motion graphics, among others.

In those times of fast-food communication, deep-fried, eaten in a sitting while swiping on the phone and rapidly throwed at the trash can, we strive to slow down the process, taking time to cultivate our minds, picking up fresh ideas straight from the garden and using our craftsmanship to shape them appropriately, slow-brewing them into something we and our clients care and are passionate about. There’s no need to thank us, you’re welcome.


·Motiongraphics 3D/2D
·3D prototyping

Graphic design:
·Lettering and typography

·Ilustration 2D y 3D

Interactive design:
·Information architecture
·Web design
·UX/UI Design
·Social media

Brand strategy:
·Art direction
·Design thinking

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